Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seven things you wish you didn't know

Here you go Joy! The Seven weirdest things I can think of for you! (and hopefully you still talk to me afterwards).

I'm a HUGE fan of John Barrowman because he's A)Gay B)Gay activist C)Married to Scott Gill and D) he's in Torchwood. There's a dozen other reasons but he is definitly an idol of mine.

I suck at counting and can't have anyone talking to me while I count or I lose my place.

I write. My blog that I just started is here and I think I love it even though I havn't posted anything yet (havn't had time) but I write Gay fiction literature (tacking literature on the end of that sounds nifty) and I just applied to a grant to get a book published but I possibly won't get it because of my subject matter and the issues I address. I like to write gay fiction because I find a lot of people don't address the issues properly and it's made out that everyone doesn't want a family, a stable life and that all queers live the party life. Honestly? I just like writing because I love to read and I can hit up all sorts of subjects all across the board (fantasy, mystery suspense) but there isn't enough gay fiction writers out there and I'd like to be one of them.

I'm a star trek geek. Somewhat. Im a huge fan of Next Generation though I can easily get into the other star treks. I don't collect anything but I can't help msyelf but watch a rerun if its on that day and nothing else it on. Its essentially my fall back TV show that I watch.

I draw, I play music, I just don't sing, but I went to school for animation and dropped out into the second semester because I realized it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I still draw and in the winter, I go to lifedrawing classes twice a week, and sometimes it makes me crazy because three times I've flipped my donkey (the thing you sit on) and had my almost finished oil painting land face down onto the floor.

My husband and I never fight. We've been together almost three years now and I can honestly say, I can count on one hand how many times we've fought (3) and they weren't really fights. More like... unhappy moments where we didn't talk because miscommunication or one of us wasn't pleased with the other. We met on Lavalife where my friends coaxed me to join. But then I quit and they pushed me to join back up again. Not two weeks into it, I was going to quit again, the day before I was about to (but too lazy to), Ryan messaged me. We met up at Second Cup where we were kicked out because it was closing. We moved to Tim Hortons and was also kicked out form there because they were closing. It's a match made in heaven.

I'm a huge supporter of Gay Pride, Gay marriages and essentially everything that has GAY in it (gay feather, gay paree)... Queer as folk, Shelter and my home page for my internet explorer is which is in french, evne though I can't always understand it. And if this condemns me from being your friend, it wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

I tag new Sprout, Wicked, Deborah, Ryan and I can't think of anyone else at the moment. Im all busy like that.


Racquel said...

Your version was fun too Andrea. Sounds like you are a creative individual with the writing, drawing and gardening. My only artistic ability is my gardening. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG Andrea girl !! I am such a fan of gorgeous gay Canadian guy in Torchwood too and I can't wait to see the next season .. AND .. TNG of ST (how do you like all the abbreviations ?) I totaly love TOO !
I am a scifi freak but choosy .. "Taken" was a BIG favorite of mine .. I wish another one like that would happen : )
That is too funny about being kicked out of coffee places and truly hooking up : ).. but very Canadian EH ? Timmy's : )
YES .. totally YES .. I believe in Gay rights too .. we should all be on equal footing even though realistically that will never happen .. it is human nature to be "pegging" people in some kind of hole to make us feel better .. I think you now what I mean. I certainly don't believe in that business if "royalty" these people actually think they are special and superior to the rest of the population ?
Canada should become a republic like Australia ... get rid of the governor general and the "old boys club for BIG bucks and nothing useful" senate, in our parliament well I think you know my attitude by now ..
Great getting to know you post girl ! Thanks !

Andrea said...

Racquel - The artistic abilities are nothing perfected. I only do them but I am just a beginner for music, off and on about Art and what im going at there, but the writing is a constant and I'm still just a baby in that world too. So not necessarily good at them, but I do love to do them. :D And if that's your artistic ability, you do it well ;)

Joy- Did you see the new Torchwood? I had it all taped and then Ian (my son -hee) he pulled out the card for bell satelite so I was all OH NO .... then it deleted. Clearly we need to discuss more things, because I've been thinking about you the last two days for some reason and Im not sure why!! If not for you, I probably wouldn't be doing my blog continuely but I always have something fun to come back to once it slows down here.

Wicked Gardener said...

You tagged me? Damn . . .didn't even know we were playing!! ;D