Friday, March 11, 2016

A new year, early spring

What happened to me? Probably about three years of re-training to rebuild my life. I'm a personal trainer now. I had to step away from the greenhouse work to actually have spinal surgery and get better, be better and improve. So unfortunately, there won't be any real green house work updates anymore. But you can't take the greenhouse worker out of a person. It's just one of those things that sticks with you for life and you're always looking at other people's gardens or getting caught in a conversation with random people. I am, however, making a greenhouse in my back yard. New beginnings, new starts. I've made a few attempts to dust this blog off, but I feel it's necessary this time because it took a long time to soul search my way back into my old love of gardening.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi girl !! FINALLY ? ... glad to see you actually alive and well and blogging a bit .. that must have been one hell of a pile of dust to blow off this blog eh ?
Those "tats" is that you ? that is amazing if it is .. I want one too ! LOL .. Celtic knots are my obsession.
You are right about not being able to take the "greenhouse" out of the gal ... how is your garden growing .. I have a baby tri-coloured Beech I rescued last year .. I have no real space for it but I am keeping it .. some where ... some how !
Super glad to see you here girl : )