Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, driveways and a broken shovel

There's nothing worse than being half way through shoveling your driveway when your shovel breaks, but I have to say, there's nothing better when your hero neighbor comes along and clears the rest of it with his snow blower. That'll definitly be next years big purchase because Im not sure I enjoy shoveling four car lengths of driveway (plus my neighbors when he's not at home).
There's not so much to discuss in winter, concerning gardening at this point, at least not from a retail greenhouse perspective. At least not where I stand. But right about now, Greenhouses are putting their orders in for statuary, seeds (if they havn't already) and growers are prepping for annual plantings.
And me? I'm sitting on my couch, waiting for the baby to wake and eating doritos, watching an old rerun of Star Trek. Oh yes. In every sense of the word, geeky. Oh Captain Kirk, why do you always have to get the girl with the perky breasts?
I've been working out at the gym because one month at home caused me to have huge muscle loss and increasingly unstable back (nothing but soft stomach and nothing to support the back). I'm taking today off because my neck is hurting from my work out the other day. I have incredible upper body strength and sometimes lift too much, even it it seem light. So one more day and its back to the gym. on off days, if I can, I like to fit in some jump rope with pushups and sit ups. But since my neck hurts, there's not going to be any of that today.
Cheers to everyone who's getting snowed on!


Priscilla George said...

I was just thinking where you have been thinking you were on hiatus or something. But guess what, I had forgotten to change your blog address to your new one on my google reader! Sorry for being gone and not commenting on your posts I just didn't see them and thought you were gone.
Your containers you make for work are beautiful. And congrats on moving into your new house, I'm glad you love it. Guess what, we bought a house too and are closing tomorrow. We won't be moving in til April even then our apartment lease expires in May. The current owners will be paying rent and staying there till April so it worked out for us not having to pay for two places at once.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea ... every time I try to add you it keeps going back to your old one "Popular Growth" JEEZ!!!
Is it me or is it you girl ???
My god .. you poor thing .. my hubby always helps neighbors who don't have a snow blower .. but now almost everyone has one so it is like hearing lawn mowers in the summer .. all droning at once !
You had to go and make me feel very guilty .. I cleaned off the treadmill and have been promising to work up to it .. stretching with yoga so I can step UP to the plate .. now I am sick for the 3rd time with some bug from hell .. captain Kirk probably broguht it back with him ! .. hey ... do you watch "Fringe" ????? it is interesting !!! I like Walter .. once he peed his pants in the preview movie for the series ... well I laughed so much he was my hero ! eeeuuuuwwww ! I lead a sad life girl ??? haha
Well now that I know where you have been hiding .. we can chat here and there right ? ..
We are under a heavy snowfall warning with you guys today .. hope you got a new shovel or the hubby is really helping out now ?? LOL ... good luck keep in touch !

Priscilla George said...

Joy I have the same problem. I'm not sure what is going on. But that is okay I will remember your address and if not there is always blotanical.

Andrea said...

Aww I can't believe that its not working for you guys! I don't know whats wrong with it either! Argh! Popular growth just doesn't want to go away! It haunts me!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea ... haunting you girl ! LOL
I know I can't wait for Halloween again .. but this is kind of funny.
Maybe it is your "feed" .. I think we are all supposed to be on feedburner ? I'm working with VERY depleted brain cells here .. so I might be too wrong to believe ; )