Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I bought a Japanese Maple Acer palmatum 'Olsens Frosted Strawberry' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no pictures yet of my japanese Maple collection yet because man, am I scoring these babies left and right. I wish I had bought Ghost but I didn't. I wish I did. But I didn't. Sigh. Next time, I will. I have to stop impulse buying these trees but it's hard. I have a long property and keep thinking to myself that I can just keep them small and short. But anyways, my frosted strawberry is variegated and so sweet, brand spankin' new Variety. I got a few other things, new varieties and weird perennials in the greenhouse which im going to try but I have to pay off my big tree bill before I can go throw money to plants, left and right.

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth. Work's been driving us steadily into the ground and we're all tired for it. I can barely get my baby to bed before my eyes are closing and my head hits the pillow. Actually, It's gotten to a point where I'll be reading him a story, fall asleep and maybe wake up an hour later with him in the crookof my curled up body, reading ME a book!! Another few nights its been where we've fallen asleep together. I know! Im so sad! I can't stay up past nine sometimes. It's killing me.

That aside. Once I get everything planted, I'll go around and take cheesey pictures. I love trees. I seem to love Jap maples even more but my number one goal is to buy a six foot weeping Jap maple, cut leaf. heh. I'm waiting for it. That's going to be my big purchase for next year. Not this year. Only so many trees I should be buying in one year. Really, at this rate, I should be having a limit.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Fire

It happened around the corner of my house last Saturday morning. No one was hurt but the damage was extensive....

And just to cheer you up, baby picture! He's getting older and a lot more helpful.

The trees are planted - FINALLY!

Okay, my pictures are backwards here. Just visualize okay?

the front yard.

The back yard (last year's planting)

Peony at my sister's house. a TREE peony. It's huge.

Allium. This was my no frills purchase last year. Remember the 3 allium bulbs for a $1.99?? Oh yeah, it was allium all right.
Tulip bulbs 'queen of night' and yes, this was also a no frills $1.99 purchase. It rocked.

The weeping green beech in the front.
The Tricolour Beech (upright) in the front. mmmm Nice huh?
The japanese Maple.

The long haul home. This was when I just got them home.
A planter I had to do at work. Looked nice.