Saturday, December 28, 2013

The great destruction of our trees

With winter comes snow and with snow, came freezing rain and layers upon layers of ice. It was dangerous just to walk outside your door. There was no where you could buy salt and power was lost all around Toronto and the area surrounding it. A quarter of a million people lost power, including us. It came to a point where the ice was so heavy on the trees that you couldnt' stand outside without hearing the fall of a tree somewhere in the surrounding area. Powerlines fell, century old trees fell and with it, our wildlife starving due to the inability to access food because ice covered most of it. Trees covered the roads, power lines did to (live ones!) and basically those who had power housed those who didn't. So we took pictures. Our willows are dead, broken, cherry trees are dead too. Most of our surrounding trees are broken like a hurricane hit and left just the trunks. It's been a few days but clean up will go well into February, you can be sure of that. My own trees survived it but they were really weighted down by the ice. My next door neighbor's tree seemed to have just survived it but I can't say the same for the ones across the street, trees that collapsed and broken under the weight and taking the powerlines with them.


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