Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Home updates!

I've been busy for the last two weeks and I've had no shortage of people, baby, sick baby, holiday fun and exhaustion since we moved in last week. I have to say, it's a pleasure to sit down on the back patio with my laptop and enjoy the stillness of the evening. It's like living at a cottage, only I live here permanently!! Mind you, it's in suburbia but its in a nook in the suburbs of quietness, trees and vacant of traffic sounds. We're on the line of the fly paths for the airport (because we're fifteen minutes away from it) but they don't fly all the time, or we just stopped noticing after living here for sometime (within the area). It's convient to live here because we're two minutes from the grocery store while not being so close that we hear all the crap that goes on there. The neighbors are nice, quiet and there's lots of kids around here so when Ian gets of Age, he'll have friends to play with. I'm very happy, but along with a house comes alot of background work that I didn't realize. Suddenly, we have a yard to clean up and have to get ready for the winter. Laundry is great because there's not so much of it, but I find Im doing it more because of that. The dog is happy, the cats are SO happy and we're happy too. I can't stress how worth it this was, to spend almost ten years through slumlords and come out of it with a house. A house we love. I'll never move from here. Ever.

We're teaching Ian how to go down the stairs on his stomach because he keeps going up to them and going up on the deck. He wants to go down but he's unsure how. So it's been the main thing this weekend. WE can't put a gate to the basement because of the way it goes, so we have to try something because he's very fast and our eyes are not always quick enough to catch him when he approaches stairs. THe same with the patio steps when working in the yard.

Oh and the mudd. He loves the mud! I went out today and repotted all my plants, pruned them and now they're all ready for the great indoors. My Weeping Purple Beech needs to be planted and Im going to put it where it will block out a hydro pole in the back yard. Originally, I wanted to put it in the front yard to make a gothic garden, specifically targeted towards black growing varieties, but it suits the back yard much better. I may end up getting a bloodgood Japanese Maple tree to block out the neighbors on the left but I havnt' quiet figured out what to plant on the right. We have overhanging hydro lines so I can't plant very large trees. They have to be under fifteen feet.

WE cleaned out the shed yesterday and I had a good laugh. We apparently own every chemical to date, owning three tree pruners (but we have no trees!), two hedge trimmers, three weed wackers, two lawn mowers, five brooms in mint condition, ridiculous amounst of rope, a full wheel of rope, pullys, lawn chairs, a tarp, another patio umbrella, shoves galore, an abundance of tools that I have no idea how to use and a crazy amount of extension cords. Dream come true for me. Hell, I could start my own landscaping company.

So to this weekend, I toast you all and have a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea .. you sound exhausted but so happy ! I'm very happy for you too. We know what it is like to buy your first home and love it. We lived in military quarters forever.
I can't believe your son's name is Ian ... our grown up "kid" .. number One Son .. still at home .. is an "Ian" Michael ... how funny is that ?
Hey .. enjoy every second of being in your home .. and rest up or you will feel overwhelmed ? LOL

Andrea said...

haha thanks Joy!!! :D

I enjoy EVERY second of bieng home here. I just cooked turkey yesterday and we just finished up having turkey soup. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I can't even tell you. ah.