Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The 29th birthday gifts

So for my birthday, my husband bought me seeds for growing a vegetable garden. it's march, its a little late but I think if I get them going now, I can have them up and ready by the begining of may (which is too cold to plant anyways).

We're going out for a shelf today and i'm going to errect my growing seeds next to the sliding door.

FUN? Lots of fun... Hazardous to little grabby hands of a 17 month old? Very.

The entire gift collection included:

1 Smutty book + A large Black Cock (C'mon people. A rooster!) + Seeds = a very happy birthday indeed!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea ! post Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY GIRL !!
My god .. we have to get your feed fixed .. I know that feedburner was taken over by Google .. so if you don't have an account there .. MAKE one ! .. gmail ? then you can have a much easier time switching your feed .. I'm trying to remember how I did mine because once you switch the feed you have to edit it in your "plot" at Blotanical .. let me know if you start .. send me an e-mail from YOUR gmail account ? .. I'm get started lady ! we miss you there : )