Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gro op and new additions!

Well this is my beautiful White double helleborus of an unknown variety from a greenhouse in New Zealand, who just lost their greenhouses due to a mega fire (I'm not sure how much is accurate there but I've heard it down the grapevine of greenhouses). At first, like a brainer I am, I shoved it in the full blazing sun, in the hottest room of my house and of course, it starts to yellow..... burnnn.... And I'm like duh! FULL SHADE PLANT ANDREA> WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

See what happens in the off season? The brain shuts down and full scale stay-at-home mom breaks out. Forget about the plants and focus on the baby. Go me.
Needless to say, its in the kitchen now, in the shade and watered very little until it warms up and I can throw it outside.
Here we have Iresine. Remember I said my grower got a random stem turned black from the blazing rose? This is it... Yes, its wilting. It does that often. The owner isn't very good with watering lately.

Wilting too.

The Black Rooster. Score!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea .. my god girl ! I used to collect roosters/chickens too .. infact we had roast chicken for dinner ? haha
That white double flower hellebore is gorgeous !! I want THAT too !
I know what you mean about the watering .. for years I over watered .. now I under water .. what the hell ???? LOL
Are you trying to figure out what your original "feed' is from Blotanical ? I'm trying to remember how I did all of this now.
If all else fails .. Stuart is really good about helping .. especially since you have been a member so long but stuck in the bad feed loop ! Do you have his e-mail ? .. do you know where to find that cue to get help ? Am I driving you nuts with questions yet ??

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey !! you got on here ! .. I can read you in the new tab choice so something must be going right girl ? LOL

Northern Shade said...

Your double Helleborus is blooming well, despite being indoors. Like the rest of us, I bet it can't wait to get outside and stretch its roots.