Thursday, April 2, 2009

And We're BACK!

So how was winter for everyone? Because lets just say that 20 extra pounds of fat just became my bestfriend over what looked like a single night (whoa! hey! where did YOU come from? And why can't I fit my jeans now.....) and if anyone again tells me that I'm not chunky and a littel overweight, we're going to have some serious words (if there is anything about this greenhouse worker you should know, its false pleasantries is a big no no. Honesty is much better, all the way home. Less confusion in the end).

Insaying that, I have not been without my workouts either, going to the gym, mercilessly trying to take off that 20 lbs that I've put on and squeezing my size 12 butt into a size 9 pair of jeans (okay honey.. it just isn't happening. time to go shopping!). My Chiropractor has recently been having a field day with me due to an old back injury that just refuses to just get over it. With that being said, there's a lot of working out that I've been doing, not to lose weight (though it would be nice) but maintain and fix the broken parts of me. Like all old people of older generations (okay... lets be honest here, 30+ is when you start 'feeling it' ) , the aches and pains have become far more frequent to the point where they just can't be ignored anymore. Through warm ups, stretches, weights and the swimming at six o'clock in the morning, I have to say, I'm jumping and in some wicked sort of mood improvement by the time I have to go to work. Suggestions? Work out in the morning. No word of a lie, i've never been happier (more in pain but happier). It's done some significant amount of work on my back though I'm sad to report, nothing for the waistline. They're at the back of the line.

Onto plants..... (because I'm slowly starting to nod off here).

The Calla Lily of some sort. I'm not a big fan (of above picture). They're pretty, not exciting. And the picture turned out kind of lousy on a cloudy day and Andrea was still recovering from polishing off a bottle of Merlot the day before. Note of awesomeness; it is fabulous whenyou come home and your husband has cooked a beautiful itallian dinner, cracking open a bottle of wine. The craptastic part; finishing that bottle off and THEN realizing that you're A) Drunk B)Not quite able to hold your liquor like you thought you could and C) take poor pictures when Hungover.

Dicentra 'Burning Hearts'. I think this is the plant of 2009. I'm not a hundred percent on that but I didn't see it last year. It's cousin is 'King of hearts'. Basically, its a dwarf variety of Bleeding hearts - the never dying plant. Shade plant, spring bloomer. A really nice colour compared to the other ones.

Helleborus 'Double queen mix'. This is about as exciting as this variety gets. Nice, but I almost missed the flower when shooting the picture. Oh, I beat on this plant. Its so unfair. I love the other varieties, though I hope 'London Fog Strain' (black variety) doesn't come up green. It would be most disappointing to pay a whopping $25 smack-a-roos for a new variety that reverts to green.

(above). That would make me too awesome if I remembered the name of this variety. I know its a new one. The name escapes me. Again, it could be the tired thing. It does happen.

Helleborus 'Honey HillJoy'. I want to say Honey Killjoy for the lack of light I got from shot. But as an aside, I found the colour of this plant rewarding. Helleborus is a shade variety and its evergreen (so you don't have to cut it back). Another thing to recall is that while it'll bloom in the spring, it also blooms in the fall/winter, hence the name, Christmas Rose.
More to come when I am focused and varieties are popping in!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Girl .. I would trade weight issues with you in a second .. so just consider yourself LUCKY with the LITTLT issue you have !
Too funny with the wine ISSUES ! yes .. it does start taking a toll the older you get .. so misery loves company ? YES !!
Love the plants .. especially my need for "Burning Hearts" ! I want it !! and that hellebore with MY name in it .. toss it over the fence too please : )