Friday, April 24, 2009

Hodge Podge Friday

My lastest purchase! I was originally going to buy a flat of Angelo's Garlic but I decided that I wanted the kettle more than the garlic. They've been walking out of the garden centre without people batting an eyelash to what's in it. Peppermint, Spearmint and Pineapple mint, three mints that i'm not too crazy about but honestly? The pot is cool! AND it has holes in the bottom for drainage and I have to give them props because most pot companies don't put holes in the bottom and sell pots as decorative rather than practical. I LOVE this pot. Love it!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Congratulations Girl !!
I love the pot : ) .. I have a metal decrative one but no holes so I have to get hubby to drill some .. I want something to cascade down .. lobelia most likely ? .. I have to have it in the shade or it will cook because it is metal .. what a great find girl .. I'll be looking to see if one like that comes my way now too !
Perfect Post : )

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OK ........... I just saw that sidebar picture now and I almost spit my coffee out on the monitor !!! hahahahaa
That is too precious and so CANADIAN EH ?? when we have that rare event THAT is the brand we have girl !! LOL
Damn funny !!

Andrea said...

hahahaa! Joy! I know! I was going off of what you did. Kinda felt like no one knew me very well so if I had some pics up of my boy and myself, it would feel a little more at home. it's just beautiful out this weekend! We're really outside enjoyin it but darn it! Ants everywhere ! gah!

Jan said...

Hi Andrea, I love your header, and the butterfly in your sidebar; did you make and/or paint that? It's very pretty! And, your little one there is even more adorable;-) The shining star of your entire garden! You are a hard worker-wow, hats off to you;-) I have to admit, I buy much of my 'stuff' from big box stores, but lots of it comes from local nurseries, as well. I'll keep what you wrote about (supporting the growers) in mind; you've given me a lot to think about. (Actually it's not in this post about your 'pot' which I do like) but in another post. I'm just summing everything up in this one comment;-) Jan

Andrea said...

Jan - Thank you! I felt really bad for writing that post because it sounds like Im slandering big box stores but I always have to add that they also started small, getting big as they could (just like chapters, borders, etc!). Big companies also have a lot that they do. I know that our company supports a cancer charity sort of thing in november and a few church things and school things, though I can't recall because I always forget until they come up and then its like "omg we need to do something for this!" donation sort of thing. (I always forget but its because Im so busy haha).

Im guilty of walking through places like that too. My latest purchase (though you could have said it was a STEAL) was from Canadian tire where I scored a Japanese Maple for thirty bucks. NEVER could I EVER get that anywhere else but at CAnadian tire, I wasn't even meaning to buy plants! It just SUCKED ME IN.