Friday, April 17, 2009

Ivy, Greenhouse and herb planter!

This is a little bit out of order but you can see the greenhouse set up and then some planters!

We get two types of hanging basket ivy. One is Baltic, your traditional ivy for the perennial garden and some of the runners on these baskets are six feet because we scoop up old propagation stock before its sold off. It's hardy to the cold, drought tolerant and generally an easy no brainer for ivy. Though I had to add, it IS slow growing, which is why it's nice to have the propagation stock.

Montgomery ivy is our lovely second choice. We've been around the block for selecting nice ivy and we find this one is the nicest. It's more of a tropical than an container plant but when you split it and place one half on one side of your planter, and the other half on theother side, it's a nice filler for immediate BANG for your buck!

The annual side

Annual Racking

Herb planter!

Bird house!

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