Monday, April 20, 2009

Gothic Garden addition - Black Roses

This is what I came home to. Baby in the cupboard. Caught in the act!

I got a gift from one of my growers today! Last year we were talking about making up black gardens and I'm currently in the process of making my gothic garden! This section of my garden will be completely devoted to plants that are black in leaf and in flower and I can't wait toget to that point! My first step was planting a weeping purple beech tree (last year) and now my roses are here (because he loved the idea of a Gothic Garden and sent me roses for the idea!). So now, I have the newest product in black hybrid tea roses called 'Black Bacarra' and I'm -very- excited! The stalks on these puppies are THICK and they grow to 3-4 feet tall. Im very excited about the additions to my garden, but I just have to get it cut out before I can plant them!

The Gothic Gardener has begun!
So today was raining all day at the greenhouse and my computer died at some point because it wouldn't go into sleep mode for some reason. It was raining and everyone was wet. Then I get home and my son gives my camera a flying lesson from where he stood on a kitchen chair, but it still works! THANK GOD. Right-o, well, now Im off.....ihurt.
[edit: wow I was really tired last night. I left out words from my writing! So im surprised any one made sense of it!]


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea .. boys will be boys .. my son loved the pot cupboard at that age too ! LOL
I love the idea of the black "Gothic" garden .. that subject had been tossed around a lot last year .. so you have me really interested in how it will happen and what it will look like .. especially those roses !!
I'm in a pickle trying to choose a Serviceberry tree .. "Autumn Brilliance", "Dianna" .. there is a third one but it is upstairs on my notepad .. if you have any strong opinions on one send me a message ?

Andrea said...

Ohh! The gothic garden may be a process this year. Im not sure I can afford it yet, what with just moving in the house but I do have the weeping Purple beech so its started off in the right direction!

Helen said...

Very cool idea, Andrea. Keep us posted on your gothicism.