Friday, April 17, 2009

The spring CLING

My tree! I bought it last year and this is what it looks like now, my beautiful weeping Beech. on a side note, I know we're not done Spring yet. When snow stops coming and Spring is offically over, your Beech tree will let go of its dead leaves when the time is right. And with them, they will ALWAYS let you know.


Helleborus "London Fog Strain" (above) yes! It lives!!!!! I thought it was dead but alas, he came back to me!

Panicum dallas blues. This one may be dead. Im not sure. One of them died before they could even get remotely established.

Panicum 'dewey blues'

My pansies planted in a euro plast that is SO durable to weather, Icouldn't even explain it. Imported from Itally. Great product.

More pansy plantings!

Look! Bulbs are coming up around the lamp post!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea ! I'm so jealous you have a normal yard ; )
I can't even put pansies out because I have NO deack yet .. if I put them out front I'll forget they are there and they will die .. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your grasses are really ok still ? .. I'm watching my bamboo CLOSELY !! : )
Is your feed fixed yet girl ? I'm going to try again to get you up and running on my list.
Have a good weekend !!

Andrea said...

haha thanks Joy. I wasnt' sure if my feed was good or not. doh! I should get that really fixed this weekend. I'll probably email you about it when I get a second and look into that.