Friday, July 24, 2009

New Annual grass for next year - you know you want it

Pennisetum Fireworks. We planted it. We're waiting to see what it does. 2 feet, zone nine which means we need an insane amount of heat in a zone 5 to get this baby flowering. So far, slow as hell due to cooler weather conditions and rain. Like we're in august now people. What the heck is happening? We're having October weather here! Anyways, I think we're going to heckle our grower to do this one. VERY excited.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

That looks amazing Andrea .. I have a thing for grass (OK .. stop snorting with the laughter thing .. move on !) I just planted a good size "Little Bunny" at the foot of one of my Karl Foerster grass and I think it will look just too damn cute come next year. I guess that is another separate condition .. "grass mania" how complex this plant thing is .. well I think we just scratched the surface ??? ;-)

Andrea said...

Its An annual grass but OH so neat! I brought myself another panicum (I love panicums) that has a lot of red in it int he sun but all my mainia is on pancums and variations of the blue glasses. They're HUGE! Northern winds... dewey blues... cloud nine.. someone shoot me. I havn't even STARTED hitting the miscanthus varieties yet. Calamagrotis (karl) is something I havn't hit up yet. I might wait for that one. Wait wait wait!