Friday, July 24, 2009

HOLA from the grave!

I finally cut the garden in the back. FINALLY. It only took me from April until the end of July to do it but I got it done! Ten bags of soil later, mixed into clay and I was able to finish planting the veggie plants I got free from work (end of season stuff). It has my Jap maples in it but you can't see them so well.

It nearly killed me.

My son is learning to mow the lawn now.

The dog run! We finally built it and YES we know its crooked a little. One of the posts didn't go in very well and we couldn't get it out. Solution? Just build the damn thing and shove an arbor in front of it. Now... I just need to build the Arbor (and put caps on the middle posts because the two I had, I broke). Otherwise, Stain, finished and EFFECTIVE. ha. The dog hates it.

The before picture, just so you can see how it looked.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG ! Your little guy reminds me of my son at that age .. and holy crap ! that must have been one back breaking job with amending the soil .. I was so naughty when I started my borders .. not much amending went on at all .. and eventually ? it will show it too ! UGH !!
Love that Japanese Maple girl !

Andrea said...

haha! I know! He's getting so big!! I can hardly keepup. Yu know what he was doing int he kitchen yesterday? Had his shovel and was trying to dig a hole!!! Like putting his foot on the shovel side, pushing down with hisfeeet. hahahaha!