Saturday, December 20, 2008

Belated Kale Posting

I should have posted this ages ago when Kale/Cabbage was popular. I kept looking at all the nice varieties and thinking the same thing everyday, that I should take pictures and actually get some information posted. But alas, between picking up and moving, with Sick baby on my hands, I just didn't have time nor energy to post. So now, I give you something to feast your eyes on.

Chidori White Kale.
I'm definitly not a fan of this variety because of the ruffly way it is, but the colour was just too outstanding to pass by. The thing to remember about Kale is it stays green until it gets super cold. The cold changes it and its never a good idea to plant Kale or Cabbage too early because Aphids just LOVE this stuff. Spraying helps but it doesn't too piles once the plant is infected. This plant especially doesn't take well to spraying because the bugs get nice and wedged down deep in the center. ewwww.

'Red Borr' Kale.
This is a special one for me. I had to ask for this one specifically becuase it wasn't on the list but I knew they grew it. It's one of the weirder Kales out there. It's very tall, dark red and stands about hip height (almost three feet with pot included). I always ask for this one and everytime theyonly have a handful before they run out.
(below) Coral Prince.
I THINK this is Coral Prince. I always get them mixed up but I think it is because I remember Coral prince is a little boring than Coral Queen. It's still nice and has the nice pinkish center but not an incredible plant. it doesn't make the impact the way the purples do unless you get a specific variety with it to enhance the colour. Something that's flat and duller than this. hah.

Dinosaur Kale.
True to it's name, its big, more like a grass if you can believe it and it grows odd for a Kale. Very Similiar to Red borr but it has a more upright and fountain effect which makes for that great fall planter when all the grasses are dying off and can't maintain their colour when the cold hits.

Coral Queen.
I just like this one because of the colour in the center and it always makes a great center piece for a planter. It's a wonderful accent too if you add something bright in there like a lime plant of some sort (hakonechloa 'all gold' would do). I think I did that earlier on but I can't recall if I posted it or not. I used this one quite a bit against pigeon purples because they're boring plants but they bring out the interesting colours of the weirder ones. Put boring with weird. It makes for a better combination. If you put too much weird together, it gets too busy and when you put too much boring together.. well... it just gets boring and makes for a real overlooker type planter.

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