Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let's Make it BiG

Oh My. Big planters are always fun and require at least two people to do them. Well, sometimes. If you want to be a little faster, know what you're doing before hand and the size of your planter. We walked into this job site blind. We didn't really have an accurate size of the planter ('it's THIS big' type of hand gesture big) and we didn't know what the customer wanted. So it was a blind, on site planter. I brought piles of stuff to this site because I wasn't sure what would fit with the colour of it either. Below, its me holding the birch. We took turnsfor the two. She held the birch to begin with while I put in the placement of the plants. Then we switched, I would hold the birch and she would fill in the holes with soil.

Putting the bigger stuff in. Oh and straightening out the birch before we do that. We don't want anything off balance.
Putting the junk in. We didn't really put it in randomly. There's a pattern you can make up with bulks of product. You can accent kale with pine cones, making them trail along the side to give it a round appeal, while using bigger pine cones in the middle to give it bulk and height.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea ... I'm going backwards here looking at your posts .. whay are you not on Blotanical ? .. has your feed screwed up ? .. you should e-mail Stuart and he could help you ? .. I love the flowering cabage kale thing going on there !!