Saturday, December 20, 2008


Okay, I've mixed two comic book favourites but thats what I'm going with. I havn't been around to post because I've been so busy and with seasonal layoffs, I've had quite sometime to collect photos for Christmas, hanukkah, diwali adventures and spirit.

I'm considered the Dr. Strange of the greenhouse planters. I always make them weird. I like them weird. Different and once I've done that different planter, I like to move onto something else. This one is just a rip off of another one that I did earlier on for the seminar. Except its in black. This was the third set of planters that I did, but you can see the steps I went through to make it the way I did. The green ball in the planter is fake. It's a good product because the colour is infused into the plastic so it prevents fading. Doesn't prevent dust from getting on it though. Remember that when buying fake plants!

I made this one with no intention of selling it. It was for the seminar, so that people could see how they can look and what they can do with the product we have or whatever they have around the house. Sometimes I wish I was this creative at home. I find I'm just lazy when it comes to my own house because all the creative juices are sucked out at work.

This is a customer order after seeing the seminar one (the original) but I didn't have certain products for it so I had to wait for the orders to come in. This was half done.
I couldn't find the original butterflies and the red balls were not in there. The customer wanted the balls and I had to make them work, so this was the result of it. I was not too happy with the outcome but I managed to make it look nice and she seemed to really like how they turned out. I think I'm just not a fan of traditional ways of looking. You know? I didn't like the red and green together for some reason but the butterflies made it look a lot better.

This planter is the original one, with the original butterflies that I had meant to take apart but they made me sell it. haha. It was a huge pain to secure but once I had it in there, it wasn't going anywhere. Unless it was extremely windy or getting 35 cm of snow like we did yesterday.

By the time I was done the sixth planter, I was exhausted of this idea and all the fun had tapered out. I like to do original ideas and move onto something else. I'm not as traditional as other people but I can be if I'm feeling the creative vibe that day.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

These fantastic plants and plantings would have been such a hit ... where is your "feed' girl ????