Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow Factor lacking

It's wedding season so I thought I would do up two wedding planters. Pictures never do them justice and at first, I hated these but I got the flowers down right and now they look okay. This is the second one.

The first one didn't turn out as well obviously....

A bit boring but that's what wedding planters are. Wow Whites without the WOW factor. Boring.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Skies, pink Hydrangeas and tons of plants

These are all sitting at the side of my house, watered and getting a lot of sun but honestly, I havn't planted anything. ha! I'm going to rip up the front and do the garden there, but its going to take me a bit.... a bit....

this is my fullshade hanging basket that seriously, I only ever water once every three days, if that. It's doing amazing

This is the hydrangea group at work. I bought three. I think I need three more.

our my backyard...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Trials Date

I know! I have a lot to post but I can't wait!!! It has to be now and I've a lot to catch up on!

Grower Trials are coming up August 12th! LOTS of pictures to follow and information! I WILL keep you posted on varieties to look for, for 2010!

Lots of growers there. Looking forward to it!

New Annual grass for next year - you know you want it

Pennisetum Fireworks. We planted it. We're waiting to see what it does. 2 feet, zone nine which means we need an insane amount of heat in a zone 5 to get this baby flowering. So far, slow as hell due to cooler weather conditions and rain. Like we're in august now people. What the heck is happening? We're having October weather here! Anyways, I think we're going to heckle our grower to do this one. VERY excited.

The rain storm

HOLA from the grave!

I finally cut the garden in the back. FINALLY. It only took me from April until the end of July to do it but I got it done! Ten bags of soil later, mixed into clay and I was able to finish planting the veggie plants I got free from work (end of season stuff). It has my Jap maples in it but you can't see them so well.

It nearly killed me.

My son is learning to mow the lawn now.

The dog run! We finally built it and YES we know its crooked a little. One of the posts didn't go in very well and we couldn't get it out. Solution? Just build the damn thing and shove an arbor in front of it. Now... I just need to build the Arbor (and put caps on the middle posts because the two I had, I broke). Otherwise, Stain, finished and EFFECTIVE. ha. The dog hates it.

The before picture, just so you can see how it looked.