Saturday, August 23, 2008

The bang for your buck -Perennial Hibiscus

Perennial Hibiscus. One of my favourites. Sure, they can get boring if you stare at them all day long in the greenhouse but really, I've always liked them for the reason that you can see them from the road. Once established, they bloom big (flowers like dinner plates) and they bloom LOTS. In Canada, these babies start now (early July/mid august) and bloom until mid september or until the heat lifts. There's two varieties, dwarf (3 feet) and regular (4 feet). They have a good spread of 18 inches at LEAST. Most people put them at the back of their garden, somewhere where they don't have to look at them until they are suddenly in bloom.

The key to growing hibiscus. DON'T PULL IT OUT IN SPRING. Hibiscus needs heat to push out of the ground, so while everything is green and flush int he garden, hibiscus sits there like a stump, looking very dead in your garden. Don't pull it out!!! They come up Late June and once they're up, they push like crazy. A little water goes a long way with them and helps the plant come up better, but for the most part, this is a very drought tolerant plant. They also need nothing short of fullsun (think, the less sun, the less blooms). I have four of them sitting on the balcony, pending planting for October. Can't wait either. Can't wait!

Brandy Punch.

Moy Grande.

Fantasia. Turn of the Century.

Peppermint Schnapps.
Fantastia.Cherry Brandy.

Grenache. (dwarf)
Pinot Grigio. (dwarf)
Pink Elephant.
Plum Crazy.

Any Questions?


Wicked Gardener said...

Ah-Ha! I found you and your blog. You can not hide!! Down here, regular hibiscus dies back in the winter and never get back to blooming size, so I have wanted to try the mallows. Do you know of any orange varieties?

Andrea said...

Ahaha! Sweet. I thought you forgot me. I was going to sob in my corner for a little while until I was discovered.

... if I was discovered and I was! Excellent. The plan is already working to move the viewers...

Havn't seen any oranges yet. It's a well sought out colour but I bet if they did come out with an orange, it would revert back to pink. Give it a few more years, at least five. They'll probably nail something by five years, if not sooner.

The Hunky Gardener said...

Great pictures. We can't get away with overwintering a hibiscus here. Then again, we can't really get away with overwintering all that much here! lol!

Andrea said...

yes you can! You're in Canada too!~!! It's called perennial hibiscus. not the tropical one (because that dies) This one lives through our winters! :D :D :D

Sunita Mohan said...

There's a non-tropical type? Thats news to me. Damn! There goes one of the advantages of living in the hot, humid, sweltering tropics!
: D