Friday, August 22, 2008

Popular Growth Retired

The Move.

I moved my blog for the main reason that if I was going to keep posting in it, I better have a name I like and not one that I look at everyday and think of different ways I can change it. Since I'm always gabbing on about the Greenhouse and what's in the works for us, this name fits me much better. I suffered through a bit of laughter from my fellow coworkers, trying to come up with a name that didn't compromise what I was posting about. It's simple but it works.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea .. I keep wanting to change my blog name too .. how easy was it to switch over ? Tell me what I need to do girl .. but ... hum .. I better work out a name as well.
Down and Dirty ? .. Dancing with Dandelions ? .. holy smokes .. I better check and make sure I don't use one that is on the go !
Good job .. and ignore the snickers ! .. unless it is the chocolate bar .. then you have to share ! haha

Andrea said...

lmao. I love the names. Yeah I just had to switch it. I just retired populargrowth for now and when people start forgetting its there, then I'll go ahead and delete it. Right now, a lot of people I know from the greenhouse check it out so I need the link to move them from one spot to another.

Still working on that book. hopefully! Hopefully!

I talked it over with my coworkers and they laughed at me a couple of times. UNtil I came up with this one and thye were like "hey, I like that one' so here it is. it really applies too, overall with my life and gardening stuff.