Saturday, August 30, 2008

Displays plays.

You got it. We finished it! If you've been following me on twitter, we've been doing displays for three days. This is just one of our four displays of junk left over in the greenhouse. It's hard to make random stuff look good with very little props to aid as possible. With this one, we just stacked the skids like jenga (oh come on, you know the game) and stapled landscape fabric over top. We found this zebra pattern from an old display hiding in a box and vola, instant stage. With the other displays, we had less to use but I forgot to take a picture of them while I was running out the door yesterday. Hard goods are never easy to set up because they require a lot of simplicity. But when you jumble them together, they start to look like a big heaping mess and it's difficult to make something look good when you only have one of this.... two of that... five of this.... three of that.. But it worked. We did it.
Now it's Saturday and time to relax the sore muscles.

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