Monday, August 25, 2008

Scott's Miracle Gro No Miracle - Terra Cycle is the way to go

To those that work around me, I am not a fan of Miracle Gro (despite the fact that we sell it). I don't believe in pre mixed fertilizers unless they are all natural like TerraCycle. Let it be known that you do not always know what they put in those fertilizers. Some change the PHD of your soil and remember what you put in your soil always gets recycled back to you.

I like Terra Cycle because not only is their fertilizer 'worm poop' but they also buy back all the recycled bottles (no matter what the size) and are the only company known to do that (also accepting old recycled bottles from the public and drop offs).

This is my own opinion and by no means reflects the company I work for. We can't always stand by all the products that companies sell but you can educate people, so that they can form their own opinions.


Lucy Corrander said...

I think this is a brave post.

There is no reason why you should approve of everything you sell.

There is no reason why you shouldn't say so either.

But sometimes it isn't easy to say what you think if it isn't what your employer thinks.

Advice and education are important. Beliefs are important too and caring for the world is so important it may, at times, call for the kind of comittment that is usually associated with 'belief'.

(And by 'belief' I am not meaning anything unreasoning or unreasonable!)

Congratulations with this post.

It has a 'strong' feel to it.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea !
I watch a TV show on Terra Cycle and thought it was terrific .. that is what I want to use when I start up again in the Spring .. I'm talking almost time to put the garden to bed soon .. BIG sigh !
I understand your thoughts might conflict within your work enviroment at times .. but girl .. some how I don't think you have a hard time with it ? LOL
I'm a "speak my mind" kind of gal even though I may use a lot of humour mixed in ? : )
Boy you have been busy posting ! I have to catch up : )
That post I did on creative spaces was so rushed I made a mad mess of things .. but hey .. I'm a mad hatter anyways, why fight it ? haha

Eric Bronson said...

Organic is the way!

The Hunky Gardener said...

i agree that using organic in the garden is best, but in containers it just doesn't provide a quick enough source of nutrients. Organic needs to be broken before it can be used and when you are watering your pots often in the summer it just gets leached out of the mix.

Anonymous said...

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