Sunday, May 3, 2009

Standard shopping

My son looking suspiciously bad and cute at the same time.
Last week I got the pleasure of going to another greenhouse and going standard shopping. It took me awhile to find someone to show me the new stock that had just arrived (it was everywhere) and I was looking for specific things. Eventually though, I snagged someone and we walked around and I discovered some neat things amongst many hibiscus standards, Mandevilla vines and dipladenias.

Texas Sage. Nice little standard. I only got six of these and already they're walking out of the door.

Shrimp Standard. Florida Amercians know this one because it's a very steady and known plant down south. Up here, it doesn't necessarily grow fast but it holds the blooms for a long time and in a standard, it's really really different.

So I whacked my knee off my son's bed. the crib broke last night beyond repair and he knocked his milk offthe table this morning (which the dog proceeded to clean for me). Just a side note, if you ever have a baby, have a dog first. Having a dog around when youhave a baby isn't just nice, it's really really handy. I swear, I'd be cleaning everything up off the floor everyday if it weren't for the dog. Im now taking the position of secondary cleaner, after the dog licks it up, I clean it (with all natural cleaner - not hard chemicals - another thing to think about when having babies and dogs).


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea .. Your son is seriously CUTE ! He reminds me of my "Ian" too : )
I love those picks for standards .. I haven't heard or seen them before .. wish we had such amazing garden jewels here !
Great tip to pass onto others about having a dog first girl : ) LOL

Andrea said...

Haha. Yes! It's good to have a dog around! The standards are coming along great. They just landed from Florida so they look a little rough though three weeks here to climatize and they'll be just fine, just ready and ontime for may 24th weekend! (which lands on the 18th this year). WOOO.

Helen said...

I love any plant in standard form. Have tried to do it myself with coleus and my sister has tried with pelargoniums -- she just bought a new variety designed to go standard.

The dog advice comes 15-25 years too late for us, I'm afraid. Cute kid you're growing.

Andrea said...

Helen. Thank you! My son is a little trouble maker. I like Standard forms too and find that the easiest is Coleus, next to fuchsia (uprights). We're really busy lately so I've had to get another shipment that arrived today!