Monday, May 18, 2009

What's blooming in the Greenhouse!

Geranium 'Esspresso'. Looks like someone needs a spellchecker, but I kid you not, this is how it's spelled. Do I know a lot about this perennial? Not too much. Hardy to zone 4, full to part sun, May-june blooming. It's actually a nice little plant, more english garden feel to it.
Dicentra ' Burning Hearts'. If you don't know this one by now, get to know it! It's a sister to 'King of hearts' , dwarf variety but witha beautiful dark red flower. Full Shade and just a stunning plant all around. It's a new variety and boy, do I love it.

Sisyrinchium 'bermudianum'. Here's the greenhouse worker admitting that I didn't love it until I tried to sell it to someone. I wasn't thrilled with it at all until (of course) there were two left and snatched up, walking out the door. Didn't I regret that judgement because suddenly, I had this "I must have this plant" panic and couldn't do anything about it because I had just sold it. Just. Shame on me. SHAME ON ME.

A collection of Heucheras, burnnera. Can you name them?

I think I've spoken enough tonight and it's creeping well past my bedtime.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea girl ! You are fully awake this morning !!! LOL
First .. I am in hot pursuit of Burning Hearts .. I found it on the net this past winter and I WANT it !!
I have had Blue Eyed grass for a few years .. plus white and yellow (yellow is not hardy but so pretty !)
You know I love my Jack Frost .. but I can be pleased with the others mixed in with gorgeous heuchera like that .. BEAUTIFUL !!
No spell check here ... oops !

Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...

Oooo! That burning heart might just have to go on my 'have to have' list!

Andrea said...

Joy! You'll pay big bucks for this one. At least twenty bucks for it! And a pain in the backside. Hard to get! I think most places want to wait for the price to come down. !!! but who wants to wait for THAT!?

Tessa - It walks out of the greenhouse, easily. BUt soon it won't be blooming but I know that everyone is looking for it. Big seller and it's sold me already :D