Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's new in Annuals!

Okay. I lied. Not what's new exactly but what came in. Some of them are new. Some are not. We just got them in the greenhouse and they're going pretty good. We sat down last year and picked out our varieties, found the ones that grow better, bloom more, and are more uniform in growth habit. That's where we differ from the regular greenhouses, where they're annuals are generic, ours are superb! I know, it sounds like I'm bragging but I speak with pride about our annuals. I know people don't get that excite for annuals but I do and that's because I run the annual side. How can I get this excited? It's easy. When the product comes in looking a million times more amazing than I anticipated, I know I have good, strong product that won't disappoint.

Agyranthemum Crimson Merlot
Coleus 'Sedona' (proven winners)

Iresine blazin' rose

Coleus 'Henna'

Alternanthera 'Raspberry Rum'
I'm so sorry I havn't been posting! I've been busy! More to come soon. I'll throw up snippets when I have more time but now, I have customers waiting!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea ... I so wish your greenhouse was here in Kingston girl ! .. hey .. I just bought Henna and Rustic Orange coleus from greenhouse a wee bit in the country from us .. they are gorgeous !!
I have a load of work to do tomorrow .. the list I'm looking at is INTENSE ... hope I survive it !! : )

Andrea said...

Joy, I know! It would have been fun! I love hearing that other greenhouses have these varieties. They're so interesting and Must haves in the planters. I have yet to do anything with my planters. Im rather staring at them longingly, thinking I should really do something about those damn pansies

Sarah said...

I bought Sedona last week at Humber nurseries. Good to see you give it the thumbs up. That agranthemum looks really nice too.

That's a gorgeous picture of Coleus Henna. I saw it at Canada Blooms this year, and bought a tiny one at the Toronto Botanical Gdns back in March but it's not looking as healthy as this one.

Andrea said...

Thank you Sarah!

Just wait until warmer weather comes and shove the Henna outside. It'll perk up a lot. Good plants so far, as far as I can see. The only one is a disappointment is the alternanthera because of the lack of colour. SIGH. Maybe it'll strip more in the sun? here's hoping!